Dafia Women’s Educational Academy is a reputed learning centre in kerala, providing secular and Islamic education for women after completing sslc. It provides a better education within five years that makes an amicable reconciliation between traditional and modern knowledge. The campus is also under CCTV surveillance 24 hours. The courses of study syllabi include Quran, Islamic Theology, Fiqh, Hadith, History and culture – Commerce, Humanities, B. COM and BA (Kannur University). Moreover a Special effort is taken to teach Arabic ,English and Urdu languages with the view of preparing the students to take up Da’wa work.
The main motive behind it is to produce eminent Islamic women scholars, multi linguistics and orators who could take up the challenge of the problems of the modern world and lead the community through the right path obeying the constitution of India.


Board of Directors

Abdul Azeem
Fais Sidheeque
Abduraheem Darimi
Abdul Raheem Darimi

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